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Let’s build up your digital milestones

To reach your business goals is mandatory to deeply understand how to use main web marketing and web analytics tools.


Digital strategy

A good Digital Strategy is mandatory to reach your ROI goal.


Web Analytics

Web analytics and tag management solutions will allow you to measure your website performance easily and adapt your strategy to reach your goals.


Web Marketing

Optimize your web acquisition channel based on your core KPIs.

Let’s talk about your business goals together

My main goal is to optimize your conversion funnel, design and implement a tailored digital & acquisition strategy.

My skills

Throughout all my experiences I can offer you a tailored service to optimize your ROI. Here below you will find all tools that I can use to help you achieve your goals.


I can define and set up best business oriented KPIs, analyze and optimize user experience (UX), set up and install Google Analytics & Data Studio dashboards, custom reports, advanced segments and cohorts.

design and implement a web tracking strategy. Create and implement a tagging plan through Google Tag Manager & Tealium platforms.

Design and Set up A/B Testing strategy, analyzing conversion funnel, design and set up a digital strategy based on CRO in order to optimize  your conversion rate.

design and set up a traffic acquisition strategy, SEA (Search Engine Advertising) , Facebook Ads campaigns set up and optimization.

Your digital strategy tools

Reach your ROI goal through all below digital strategy actions


Traffic Management

Let’s use Adwords and Facebook Ads to target, retarget and target only lead and users truly interested in your products and services



Social Media Marketing and Display campaigns will be your best allies that will increment your brand value and also assist conversions.


Web Analytics

Web Analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager will feed up your reports and give you most important insights to optimize your conversion funnel and user experience (UX)


E-commerce Analytics

Google Enhanced e-commerce is one of the most interesting tool for your online business. Google tracking and e-commerce dashboards are best ways to grow up your business.


Web Marketing

Will provide you all acquisition techniques in order to increase exponentially your website visibility but at the same time acquire only targeted audience.


Conversion Rate Optimization

finally CRO is mandatory to exploit 100% of your website potential. Through A/B Testing campaigns, funnel conversion optimization and test and learn strategy used for all your acquisition channels.

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